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Dear Friends,

I wanted to take a moment to share with you how incredibly rewarding it is for me to witness the positive impact our work is having in breaking down barriers within our community. It's a journey filled with storytelling and tcross cutural engagement with all bridging the gap between what was before colonization and what our world looks like today.

Through these stories, we're nurturing cultural understanding and instilling a deep sense of connection within the hearts of children, young individuals, and our communities. Guiding to truly understand the land they walk upon, to know its history, and to honor the custodians of this ancient country.

One of the most beautiful aspects of our projects is that the kids, young people, and community members involved are an integral part of the entire process, from the initial design phase on the art projects to the engagement in state when we set the pace together to tackle.  We value each and every cultural lineage we bring into the space, and we work with everyone. and by sharing knowledge and fostering cultural awareness, we empower all to become champions of our shared heritage.

I want to extend a warm invitation to each and every one of you, regardless of your heritage or background, to reach out and join our art programs, projects, and groups. In my heart, I firmly believe that Aboriginal culture is a treasure that should be embraced by all, and it serves as a key to a brighter and more united future for our country. So, come as you are, and let's embark on this journey of cultural exploration and unity together.

Warm regards,


Founder Owner Creator of Winda Creations

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